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Album tập hợp ảnh chụp ở Dresden của 2 vc mình

 photo 2003_thang10_zwinger1w_zps5ed149c1.jpg

 photo 2003_thang10_zwinger2w_zps6c40d341.jpg

 photo 2004_thang8_pilnitz1w_zps7de0e6cd.jpg

 photo 2007_thang4_hoacai1w_zpsc5dbd43e.jpg

 photo 2007_thang4_hoacai2w_zpsd44b92bd.jpg

 photo 2006_thang5_grossengarten3w_zps0e3f8a98.jpg

 photo 2006_thang5_grossengarten4w_zps7a66f234.jpg

 photo 2005_thang6_haidau1w_zpsb7a93410.jpg

 photo 2005_thang6_haidau2w_zps60e39311.jpg

 photo 2007_thang6_haidau1w_zpsfc4d1f8f.jpg

 photo 2007_thang6_haidau2w_zps7462b11a.jpg

 photo 2007_thang7_luami1w_zps89311912.jpg

 photo 2007_thang7_luami2w_zps9fd49540.jpg

 photo 2007_thang7_dresden1w_zps073334a8.jpg

 photo 2007_thang7_dresden2w_zps87e25a92.jpg

 photo 2004_thang10_wh1w_zps55a330b2.jpg

 photo 2004_thang10_wh2w_zps0d6b05ae.jpg

 photo 2005_thang12_truottuyet1w_zps088eb959.jpg

 photo 2005_thang12_truottuyet2w_zps22fbdddc.jpg

 photo 2006_thang12_truotbang2w_zpsbd52d0b7.jpg

 photo 2006_thang12_truotbang1w_zps9a45f0a1.jpg

 photo 2007_thang6w_zps09889546.jpg


Barcelona journal

Album du lịch BCN của vợ chồng mình

 photo trang1-1_zpsf68b2797.jpg

 photo trang2_zps68b028f1.jpg

 photo trang3_zps51c24e37.jpg

 photo trang4_zpse4aec336.jpg

 photo trang5_zps28e813af.jpg

 photo trang7_zpscab1b4c3.jpg

 photo trang8_zpsad3ade3d.jpg

 photo trang9_zpsa2e48c90.jpg

 photo trang10_zps72d3049c.jpg

 photo trang11_zpsc85b19e8.jpg

 photo trang12_zps0c229cbe.jpg

 photo trang13_zpse9d885bc.jpg

 photo trang14_zpse3dfeeba.jpg

 photo trang15_zpsf21901cb.jpg

 photo trang16_zps5279898e.jpg

 photo trang17_zpse02d7ab1.jpg

 photo trang18_zps54a0db79.jpg

 photo trang19_zps4a70e00e.jpg

 photo trang20_zpsdf3c3990.jpg

 photo trang21_zps9dee369a.jpg

 photo trang22_zps2d5c353e.jpg

 photo trang23_zps4ab24e80.jpg

 photo trang24_zpse8b9bd78.jpg

 photo trang25_zps388fa473.jpg

Phototbook tuổi lên 5 – Đức Phong

Album tập hợp hình ảnh trong năm tuổi thứ 5 của con. Template sử dụng là temp của Kitty Designs

 photo bia_thu_zps9730d32e.jpg

 photo title_w_zpse1ec1ccb.jpg

Các trang bên trong

 photo thang4_ikea_w_zps013909cb.jpg

 photo thang4_ostern_w_zps848196f2.jpg

 photo thang4_saurierpark_w_zps8a9d9e87.jpg

 photo thang5_venice_w_zps3d838ba1.jpg

 photo thang5_lido_w_zps852536a7.jpg

 photo thang5_sonnenlandpark_w_zpsc31a9cc4.jpg

 photo thang6_bonnkoelnhannover_w_zps5549a40a.jpg

 photo thang6_elbhangfest2w_zps04fef9f4.jpg

 photo thang6_elbhangfest1_w_zpsfb08b781.jpg

 photo thang8_tropicalisland_w_zpsefadc0d3.jpg

 photo thang8_rostock_w_zps69ead8e6.jpg

 photo thang9_prag_w_zpsc655fbc4.jpg

 photo thang10_thu_w_zpsbe1aabc9.jpg

 photo thang11_elbe_park_w_zps014f1323.jpg

 photo thang12_striezelmark_w_zpsa06ddeae.jpg

 photo tet_w_zpscaee7318.jpg

 photo sinh_nhat_5t_w_zps633b4bef.jpg

Nhật ký ảnh năm thứ 2 – Đức Huy

Kit và temp POMH của Kay Miller

Tình hình là blog đang bị bỏ mọc rêu do mẹ mải ăn mì ăn liền FB 😀 Hôm nay cao hứng update 1 số page làm từ các temp POMH và kit của Kay Miller. Các trang này sẽ có trong album từ 13 đến 18 tháng của Bi.







5 Professional Photo Editing Tips and Tricks

Photo Editing Tip #1: Defog

If you only do one thing, defog. Digital images have a haze over them. Getting rid of the fog can make a huge difference.

  1. Choose Filter – Sharpen – Unsharp Mask (USM)
    (Don’t worry, an unsharp mask won’t make your image blurry. The term “unsharp mask” comes from the darkroom days, aka dark ages, and really sharpens an image).
  2. Enter Amount  10 – 20 %, Radius 40 – 60 pixels, and Threshold 0 levels. (10/50/0) or ( 20/60/0)

Photo Editing Tip #2: Levels

  1. Choose Layer – New adjustment layer – Levels
  2. Now you’ll have a box pop up. Just click OK.
  3. You will now have a box labeled “adjustments” with black, gray, and white sliders.  Move these around until you like how your picture looks.

Photo Editing Tip #3: Contrast

  1. Choose Layer – New adjustment layer – Brightness/Contrast
  2. Click OK again…
  3. Now you’ll have a brightness and a contrast slider to mess with. I rarely use the brightness slider and I only move the contrast slider to around 5.

Photo Editing Tip #4: Curves

  1. Choose Layer – New adjustment layer – Curves
  2. Once again, click OK.
  3. Play around with this by adding points to the curve and moving them. Many people create an “s” while others just raise the center.

Side note: I only rarely use curves on a color image because I don’t like how it alters the relative light values in an image – but that’s just personal taste. I do like it for black and white, sepia, or muted color images.

Photo Editing Tip #5: Sharpen for output

Now it’s time to revisit the USM filter again. I would create a new layer to apply this to so you can adjust the opacity if you want.

The amount of sharpening you do will depend on how you’re going to use the image – the output. You’ll want to experiment yourself, but here are some guidelines to give you a starting point:

To Print: 100/1/10

For Web: 200/.3/0

If you do these five things (or four if you’re in the minority like me and don’t use curves very often), you will take your images to the next level.

A word of caution: don’t OVER-DO it!

In my experience, people learn what Photoshop can do and then do way too much of it. Then they back off overtime when they realize it just makes them look inexperienced (because they are) and their pictures look over-done.

Keep it subtle. Remember you’re trying to bring out the qualities in the image, not completely change it (unless you are trying to totally change it – then knock yourself out).

Credits: http://www.spectrumphotographytips.com/5-professional-photo-editing-tips-and-tricks.html

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